If you want to use a variety of materials to decorate your new house, you must use four kinds of materials. The decoration is beautiful and expensive

The decoration materials for new houses must not be wasted. The more materials you use, the more money you spend. Walls can be decorated in many ways. What kind of decoration is good? You can have a look at these four materials. They are cheap and have good looks. They are definitely worth a try!
01 Gypsum line
Gypsum line is also a kind of wall decoration material with high cost performance. Gypsum line is relatively easy to use and saves money. Just use a few lines horizontally and vertically to give people a three-dimensional sense of space and a delicate sense of modeling.
1. Function
The gypsum line mainly plays the role of concave shape, partition, heat preservation and sound insulation on the roof. Secondly, it also has beautification effect. The overall appearance of the finished shape is smooth and very beautiful. It is the best choice to install plaster line when pasting wallpaper at home, so that it looks smooth.
2. Have a sense of hierarchy
Many people choose the suspended ceiling because it can form a rich and layered suspended ceiling. Moreover, the plaster line looks more generous and simple. In many European families, plaster lines are chosen, which makes it look more classical.
3. Easy to clean
Because of the shape of the roof, it is easy to accumulate dust, and because the roof is made of large materials, it is very difficult to clean. Although the gypsum line pattern is easy to accumulate dust, it can be wiped with a chicken feather cleaner, which is more convenient than the cleaning of the ceiling.
4. Influence of height
The height of your house will determine whether to install gypsum line or suspended ceiling, which is very important. If the height is less than 2.7 meters, no matter how beautiful the suspended ceiling is, it will still feel oppressive in the living room.
If the height of the house is not enough, the use of plaster lines will give people an illusion of height. Simple lines look very atmospheric.
5. Affordable price
The roof price is generally calculated according to the keel, the cheap gypsum board is 100 per square meter, and the integrated roof is 200-400. The price of gypsum line depends on the complexity of width and color. The most basic flat gypsum line costs only 5 yuan per meter, but the cost of decoration is calculated separately. Most gypsum lines are 6, 8, and 10 cm in size, and the price is different for different widths.
In a word, gypsum line and suspended ceiling have their own advantages and disadvantages. We can't say which is good, which is bad, and which one to choose. We should still choose according to family conditions and family preferences.
There are many pipes in the old house, so the ceiling is generally selected to cover the pipes. But now it is unnecessary and complicated, especially the installation of suspended ceiling lighting, which is not beautiful, but also affects the floor height. The whole house looks much shorter, and it is not clean well, which also wastes money, because the leaking pipes can be completely treated with paint. When making gypsum line, pay attention to the color difference between the top surface and the wall, excessive and multi-level.
02 Emulsion paint
Latex paint is rich in colors, which can be used with various interior design styles. Moreover, the color table of latex paint has thousands of colors, and the color difference is very small. You can make whatever color you want.
Latex paint is a large class of natural resin latex paint, represented by acrylic copolymer lotion, also known as latex paint. It is a kind of coating made of natural resin lotion as the base material, after grinding, coating, and adding various additives. It is not only easy to color, but also has good wear resistance.
Three treatment principles of the original paint layer
Principle 1: The walls of the new house usually only need to be polished with coarse sandpaper, without removing the original paint layer.
Principle 2: The walls of ordinary old houses usually need to remove the original paint layer. The method is to wet the surface with water, and then remove the surface with a trowel or electric planer.
Principle 3: In the decay of the old wall, there is a serious phenomenon of paint falling off on the surface. The paint layer and the whole batch of paint layer need to be removed until the cement slurry or brick layer is seen. Then use Shuangfei powder and boiled glue powder to level the bottom batch, and then decorate it with emulsion paint. The surface layer should be coated twice to three times, with an interval of 24 hours.
The choice of emulsion paint color is also important
1. Do not use bright colors on large areas of the wall; If you don't know how to choose the color, you can choose the gray and changeable pattern.
2. The color of the color map is not consistent with the actual color. The color is slightly darker when the actual brush is applied. First, check the color effect through a small area of trial brush.
Choose the wall color according to the actual light. If the light is bad, choose a light color to brighten the room; If the light is strong, choose dark color to absorb light.
03 Ceramic tile
Compared with expensive rocks, marbles and picky styles, ceramic tiles are cheap and widely used, often used in kitchens, bathrooms and TV backgrounds. However, if you want to achieve a good looking effect with ceramic tile decoration, it is also a knowledge.
Tips for purchasing ceramic tiles
Skill 1. Look at flatness
When purchasing ceramic tiles, put two tiles of the same type together to see if the gap between them is smaller and more uniform, indicating that the flatness is better!
If the flatness of ceramic tiles is not good, the tiles may be knocked out and purchased again later. There are two reasons for ceramic tiles to rise: it may be that the tiles themselves are not flat, or it may be that the craftsmanship of the master is not good.
Skill 2. Anti pollution degree
The stain resistance of ceramic tiles directly affects the cleanliness of the house. The stain resistant ceramic tiles can keep the house brand new, so the stain resistance of ceramic tiles is very important.
You can use an oily pen to write on the floor tiles, which can be easily wiped clean in a few minutes! This is the stain resistance of ceramic tiles.
Skill 3: Look at water absorption
The water absorption rate of ceramic tiles is one of the standards to measure the quality of ceramic tiles. The ceramic tiles with low water absorption rate are not easy to absorb dirt and clean.
The slower the water absorption is, the higher the density is. On the contrary, the faster the water absorption is, the thinner the density is, the lower the water absorption is, and the better the quality of the tiles is.
04 Built in wall
In addition to the above three decorative materials, there is also a more and more popular material recently: integrated wall. The integrated wall is installed by gusset plate, which is fast and convenient. The integrated wall is installed on the wall, which can greatly reduce the construction time of workers.
As a new type of decoration material, the integrated wall has the characteristics of moisture-proof, mildew proof, corrosion proof, insect proof, anti-aging, deformation free, long life and so on while being healthy, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It interprets the sense of sophistication and fashion of home space and is the direction and trend of home decoration at present and in the future.
The integrated wallboard itself is a healthy base material. During installation, it is only necessary to fill gaps in some corners with structural glue. The overall formaldehyde content is far lower than the national standard. After assembly, it can be directly moved into the room.
After the installation of the integrated wall, ensure that the wall is loose and flat! Whether horizontal or vertical, the basic requirements of woodworking are straight and flat; After finishing the decoration, check whether the radians and fillets are flat and tight. In addition, ensure the consistency of the shape. The surface of joinery shall be flat and free from bulge or damage.


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