Pay attention to home decoration. These three materials are the source of formaldehyde. Don't ignore them!

Xiaobei (not his real name), 3 years old this year, frequently gets sick from colds. At first, parents thought that the child was young and weak in resistance, so they didn't pay enough attention until the symptoms became more and more serious
A few days ago, Xiaobei was diagnosed with leukemia in the hospital. It is understood that Xiaobei lived in a new house that had been decorated for less than three months before his diagnosis. The doctor considered that the formaldehyde in the decoration materials affected the child's health and induced leukemia.
This disease is too dangerous. The baby has to draw blood and prick needles almost every day, and often has to have a bone puncture. The baby is only three years old. It really hurts!
After the incident, after testing, the formaldehyde in their new house exceeded the standard seriously!
A child suffering from leukemia is a bolt from the blue for a family!
Today, 70% of children with leukemia are due to the decoration of their families within 6 months, and the formaldehyde concentration caused by indoor air pollution is seriously excessive.
Formaldehyde is a toxic gas, which has an irritating effect on the human body. It is colorless and tasteless. However, if you feel uncomfortable at home, you should pay attention to it when you go out. It may be that the formaldehyde in your home exceeds the standard.
Pay attention to home decoration. These three materials are the source of formaldehyde. Don't ignore them!
1. Sheet
The decoration master said that the area occupied by boards at home is especially large, and the formaldehyde release time is long; The decoration formaldehyde of the board mainly comes from glue, and now most of the glue used for the board on the market has decoration formaldehyde. Therefore, the application of boards with less glue can reduce the harm of formaldehyde to a certain extent.
All kinds of boards are ranked from few to many according to the glue composition, successively: pure solid board<patchwork board, cedar<solid wood board<three layers of solid wood composite board<solid wood particle board (man-made board)<plywood (man-made board) with high density. It is recommended to check the raw materials of boards at home, and try to avoid selecting boards with more glue.
2. Wall soft decoration materials
Many families dislike the monotony of big white walls when decorating their houses, so they will stick wallpaper walls on the walls. If you can adapt to the big white wall, you are not recommended to use wallpaper, because these two things contain a lot of glue, and no matter how expensive the glue, it will contain formaldehyde.
In addition, glue is also used when pasting wallpaper or wallpaper, which easily leads to excessive formaldehyde in the home. After all, in the decoration industry, there is a saying that "no benzene, no paint, no aldehyde, no glue". It can be seen that there is much formaldehyde in the glue, so when you decorate, you can't avoid not using glue, but use less if you can!
3. Emulsion paint
Now, when decorating a house, we should not only pay attention to beauty, but also pay attention to health and safety. Latex paint uses water as the solvent, which is relatively safe among many coatings. Although it is safe, it is not absolutely non-toxic, but the safety factor is high or low. Low quality emulsion paint, containing a large amount of free formaldehyde, is a kind of decorative material harmful to human body. It has a strong and irritating taste, which is easy for consumers to distinguish. The qualified latex paint contains very little volatile toxic substances. A small amount of use will not harm health. After decoration, proper ventilation is enough.
Since formaldehyde is so harmful to human body, what measures should we take to alleviate formaldehyde content in daily life?
Many people think that formaldehyde will only appear in new houses. In fact, even the old house that has been settled for more than ten years has a lot of formaldehyde. Since formaldehyde cannot be completely released immediately, some formaldehyde may last for ten years, so we must check the formaldehyde in the room and properly handle the situation that exceeds the standard.
Because formaldehyde is very harmful, many people attach great importance to it and use some methods to eliminate it. The most common methods are natural ventilation and green plants. Although these two methods have some practical effects, they eliminate very little formaldehyde.
Formaldehyde is dangerous, but it is not insurmountable. The terrible thing is that formaldehyde exceeds the standard;
After all, there are many common articles in life that contain formaldehyde, so what we should do is to avoid the problem of formaldehyde exceeding the standard indoors. We should make this work routine, as a regular matter like sweeping.
"Formaldehyde emission sources" are various, which are harmful to human health and difficult to eradicate. Ordinary people without experience are easy to step on the pit;
Everyone has always been concerned about the problem of formaldehyde. As early as 2019, experts conducted a professional test and evaluation on the five major categories of formaldehyde removal products that are highly praised by five stars and have a large sales volume in the current market;
(1) Activated carbon (carbon bag): activated carbon has the function of adsorbing formaldehyde, but due to its "physical property", it is usually used to adsorb formaldehyde, and it must be placed in the sun for a certain time, otherwise it will not only be unable to travel for adsorption, but also become a new "emission source" of formaldehyde;
(2) Formaldehyde removal particles and reagents: they are usually used for formaldehyde removal of new furniture. Spraying them on furniture has a certain removal effect. The disadvantages are: the duration is short, regular spraying is required, and the price is higher than that of activated carbon, so they can be used for formaldehyde removal in some areas;
(3) Formaldehyde removal spray: the use method is similar to that of formaldehyde removal particles and reagents, but the effect will be higher, so its price will also be more expensive. The disadvantage is that the duration is also short, so it is recommended to use it when traveling and staying in hotels;
(4) Fresh air system: the effect of formaldehyde removal is remarkable. The proportion of formaldehyde in the room is controlled by air flow, which is equivalent to an efficient "air purifier". However, the purchase, installation, post maintenance and power consumption of the fresh air system need to spend a lot of money, and for some indoor environments that do not have ventilation conditions, the use of the new room system has become a problem.
(5) The magic box for removing formaldehyde and purifying odor: When I first saw this magic box, I was also "disappointed". It looks like the air purification box in the bathroom. Can it really remove formaldehyde?
But soon, I was slapped! It's really efficient~
The "Formaldehyde Removal" team finally developed this magic box for formaldehyde removal and odor purification based on the molecular analysis of formaldehyde and the purification effects in different forms of formaldehyde release period, gas and liquid.
You know, the indoor "secondary pollutants" are not only formaldehyde, TVOC and benzene will also threaten our health, and this magic box has achieved real three in one purification, which is more obvious than traditional activated carbon!
This magic box is small and exquisite, but it contains powerful strength! Many professors of environmental studies praise it.
It can actively and effectively absorb formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful substances in the air. Through chemical action, it can decompose water and oxygen in the air into hydroxide ions and oxygen negative ions, so as to convert formaldehyde into H2O and CO2 that are not harmful to human health, thus protecting your health and your family's health!
10 days after placing the magic box indoors, the indoor formaldehyde concentration was significantly improved;
As we all know, the national indoor air quality standard is that the formaldehyde content should be<0.10mg/m3 (≈ 1.3ppm). This magic box can really and scientifically purify the formaldehyde in the room, so you can use it with more confidence;
This magic box has a wide range of applications. It can appear in any place you can think of;
And because its "working principle" is adsorption purification, it will not produce substances harmful to human health. It can be used either in the "three meals a day" kitchen or in the baby's room, so parents can rest assured!
This magic box also has a "hidden function"~
As we all know, second-hand smoke is very harmful to our human bodies, especially children. This magic box is so powerful. It can effectively absorb second-hand smoke and give us a good fresh air!
It's easy to use and cost-effective!
It is a recyclable product. When the gel is dry, it can be used again after adding water, so a magic box can be used for a long time!
Moreover, its working property is different from that of activated carbon. It does not need to be exposed to the sun, which is equivalent to leaving it at home. It really makes people feel relieved;
Put one in each room, efficiently decompose formaldehyde, and defeat stubborn formaldehyde with a scientific magic box; (Note: if it is a large space, it is recommended to select according to the following consumption reference figure)


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