Decoration style of the production workshop and what are the key points

The decoration style of the production workshop is simple, characterized by simplicity and refinement; The modern style is also popular, its function is more practical; The characteristic of rural style is to advocate returning to nature. You should choose the right style according to your own needs and industry type. The decoration of the production workshop must be simple and practical. Again, the requirements for circuit equipment must be strict. It is also important to ensure fire safety and reasonable selection of top materials. The following is about
Decoration of Hefei plant
The decoration style of the production workshop and the key points are introduced.
Decoration style of Hefei workshop
1. Simple style
(1) Features: It is characterized by simplicity
It is also suitable for everyone to reduce the pressure around and advocate environmental protection. On the contrary, designers have higher requirements for design skills, that is, they can show deeper charm in simple decoration, such as cultural connotation, personality characteristics, etc.
(2) Color: In simple style, black, white and gray are used as intermediate colors, and color blocks are used to highlight connotation, such as
Clear color
Equal warm colors show the warmth of the home, while red, yellow, blue, green and other colors are relatively colorful
Sensory perception
Stimulation, etc.
(3) Materials: glass, metal materials, steel structures, etc. to broaden the visual sense and show the harmony between light and shadow.
(4) Suitable for groups: people who want to release from the pressure of busy work, do not want to spend time on cleaning rooms and enjoy simple life, senior teachers and single nobles who are intoxicated with their work.
2. Modern style
(1) Features: The main function of the modern style is to be practical, so it is also called the functionalist style. It is also called the international style because of its rapid popularity around the world.
(2) Color: The main colors of modern style are mostly white and gray, and then furniture of other colors are matched according to different requirements of interior design to express personality and tension.
(3) Material: It is almost made of iron, and a new technology, iron materials, ceramic products, etc. are used indoors.
(4) Suitable group: art lovers.
3. Rural style
(1) Features: This kind of style is advocated to return to nature and combine simple and local flavor into a new space form according to the natural style in indoor planning, which is called "rural style", "pastoral style" or "local style", also known as "gray school".
(2) Color: green plants, green bricks and white tiles, natural wood, etc.
(3) Material: Indoor multi-purpose natural materials such as fire, fabric, stone, etc., show the texture of materials, fresh and elegant.
(4) Suitable group: white-collar workers or professors and scholars.
4. Chinese style
(1) Features: It adopts the home decoration design style of domestic classic buildings. It is full of aura, high-end atmosphere, symmetrical shape, color and contrast. The decorative materials are mainly wood, with many dragons, phoenixes, turtles, lions and other patterns. It is exquisitely carved and beautiful.
(2) Color: mainly black, red and yellow, with thick and mature colors.
(3) Material: As we all know, the composition of Chinese style is mainly reflected in furniture and decorations. As long as the appropriateness of various building materials is played, even if modern building materials such as glass and metal are used, Chinese style can also be represented.
(4) Suitable for groups: people with calm personality who like Chinese traditional culture.
What are the main points of Hefei workshop decoration
1. Don't be too flashy
In the design, compared with the room decoration design, the workshop decoration should not be too gorgeous, which is also a very important thing. Secondly, we should pay more attention to simplicity and practicality. Again, the circuit equipment must be more strict, which must be done in place, including fire fighting equipment, video monitoring, etc. In the process of decoration, there should be a unified and reasonable layout of the use functions: the distribution of people flow, the ventilation of the entire indoor environment and the reservation of fire fighting passages should also be considered.
2. Attention to fire safety during decoration
The important requirement of the plant area is safety, which is easy to understand. In order to ensure a safe production environment, the installation of fire-fighting equipment and the installation of fire-fighting facilities must not be ignored. Before installation, it must be reported to the local fire station for approval. The safety of fire protection needs to be reported for approval after the completion of the project. Selection of factory floor materials.
3. The reasonable selection of top material is also considered
Regardless of use
That material
Make top material. It is also very important. Both of them need to be used together with the fire fighting facilities and installed and tested according to the correct steps. For example, the ceiling keel is usually made first, and then the fire fighting engineering starts to install the pipeline facilities for spraying and smoke detectors. After all the ceiling materials are capped, the fire fighting facilities also need to install the adjacent nozzles and smoke detectors.


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