For house decoration, it is better to choose ceramic tiles or wooden floors. Why?

For house decoration, it is better to choose ceramic tiles or wooden floors. Why?
1、 Decoration of new house
Decoration 1. The decoration of new houses requires a variety of materials, including ceramic tiles and wood floors. Ceramic tiles give a fashionable and elegant decoration. They are also the most used materials for floor decoration. The number of materials exceeds that of wood floors, which is certainly not wrong. For owners who have decorated new houses or have decoration experience, they are particularly adept at purchasing decorative materials, which can be described as nothing but professional, Very clear about the floor materials you choose.
Decoration II. For floor decoration, floor tiles can be paved or wooden floors can be installed. According to different spaces, appropriate floor materials can be purchased. For example, in a house with floor heating, floor tiles are paved in all spaces of many people. In one case, the thermal conductivity is good. In the other case, daily care is better, especially for small houses. Many people like to pave floor tiles on the floor. Because the floor tiles are large in size, they can increase the visual space, Some owners like to mix and match.
Simple decorative style is suitable for tile laying
2、 Fully paved floor tiles
Floor tile 1. House decoration. Many people like the simple decoration style. Although the simple decoration style does not make too much modeling decoration in the space, it does not affect the decoration effect. Simple and atmospheric decoration saves part of the decoration cost and increases the area of visual space in different spaces. As long as there is no modeling, it will not occupy space. Those who have decorated the house understand this truth, including the ground decoration, The floor materials with color difference will not be purchased.
Floor tile II. Floor decoration, balcony, kitchen and toilet are paved with floor tiles, and bedroom and living room are decorated with floor tiles. Some owners install wood floors, which is not quite the case. Many people like the living room and bedroom to be paved with tiles. They have seen such decoration in the north. More than 60 square meters of small two bedrooms. All spaces are paved with tiles. It seems that the space area is very large, because the floor tiles have their own specifications and like simple decoration, The best choice is to lay tile.
The combination of ceramic tile and wood floor is also very good
3、 Ceramic tile/wood floor mix
First, you can choose suitable decorative materials for different spaces. For example, you like the fashionable and atmospheric decorative style. Different spaces give different visual effects. The floor decoration can be mixed and matched. Some floors are paved with floor tiles, while the balcony, kitchen and bathroom are paved with wall tiles. It is particularly easy to take care of in daily life. The kitchen uses a lot of water, and the bathroom is also the same. It is most suitable for paving floor tiles, Just buy other materials for the bedroom.
Wooden floor II. The floor tiles and wooden floors in different spaces can be mixed and decorated. That is, some spaces are paved with floor tiles, and suitable spaces are installed with wooden floors. Different spaces, different materials, textures and material colors make people feel bright. This kind of decoration style is a mix and match, which is also a kind of decoration that many decoration owners prefer. The ground materials have color difference, which is a series as a whole, and it is a kind of decoration to improve the surface appearance.
It's OK to mix floor tiles and wood flooring
4、 Expand answer
Expansion answer: For floor decoration, such as a house with floor heating, all spaces can be paved with floor tiles. Because floor tiles have fast thermal conductivity, they start to emit heat without preheating. Especially for square floor tiles, the floor tiles are particularly impressive. For large houses with more than three bedrooms, the floor can be paved with rectangular tiles, and can be paved with tight joints. The rectangular tiles have very good glossiness, and the effect after paving, Improve the overall decoration level.
According to the decoration style and the decoration cost budget, choose and buy the floor materials that are suitable for the floor. The kitchen and bathroom are paved with floor tiles, such as the living room, the balcony, the living room and the kitchen. In this way, the tiles will not be wasted and the visual effect will not have color difference. The tiles are paved to both sides according to the middle position. The gap between the tiles in the middle is a straight line. It can be used as a suitable ceramic joint agent or a beautiful joint agent. The three-dimensional effect is very good.
For the decoration of the new house, the floor can be paved with floor tiles or mixed. The bedroom is equipped with wood flooring, and other spaces are paved with floor tiles. It is convenient for daily care. Different spaces are used for proper floor decoration. The new house decoration is an ideal decoration style.


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