Formaldehyde poisoning is no joke! The "three kinds" of home decoration materials release formaldehyde every day

The excessive formaldehyde in the house is an increase in the number of cases leading to disease, which makes everyone talk about formaldehyde discoloration, especially for families with children and pregnant women.
Among them, half of the 40000 new patients every day are children. In the data, the most shocking thing for parents is that the majority of children aged 2 to 7 are suffering from leukemia.
In the past few months when Ms. Li moved to her new home, her children would sneeze every morning when they got up, but it would be better if she went to kindergarten. Later, her eyes also became swollen.
At first, she thought it was a common cold. Later, a medical relative reminded Ms. Li to check the indoor formaldehyde. Because the child's condition is similar to formaldehyde poisoning.
So Ms. Li checked with a professional. Results The concentration of formaldehyde was indeed beyond the standard, and the most serious was the children's room.
This made her in a cold sweat! So he hurriedly sent the child to the hospital. Fortunately, I found it early! It's only a slight poisoning, or the consequences will be unimaginable!
But Ms. Li was a little confused, because she had ventilated the house before she came in, why did the formaldehyde in the house still exceed the standard? And why is formaldehyde in children's rooms especially serious?
be careful! Formaldehyde emission can last up to 15 years!
The house with ventilation for half a year still has excessive formaldehyde, which makes people wonder: How long can formaldehyde last?
Formaldehyde release cycle can be up to 15 years!
According to expert research, toxic gases such as formaldehyde and benzene can only be volatilized after 3 to 15 years of release.
If the space is relatively closed, the volatilization time of formaldehyde will be very long.
There are many materials that release formaldehyde. When the ventilation is slightly poor, formaldehyde may exceed the standard, and it cannot be completely removed in a short time, which is also the reason for repeated formaldehyde treatment.
Where does formaldehyde come from? Mainly from three types of decoration materials
Therefore, the time of formaldehyde removal is very important. Only by finding the source of formaldehyde release can formaldehyde be eradicated. So where does formaldehyde come from? The survey found that it mainly comes from three types of decoration materials!
The "three kinds" of home decoration materials release formaldehyde every day
1. Blockboard
(1) In the process of house decoration, a lot of wood boards are generally used. The main raw material of wood boards is wood, which is non-toxic and pollution-free. However, when wood boards are processed into other decorative materials or furniture, some glue containing formaldehyde will be added, such as multilayer solid wood boards, density boards, particleboards, etc.
(2) Many manufacturers will use multi-layer solid wood boards, density boards, particleboards and other wood to make wooden furniture, wood floors and so on, which will inevitably contain a lot of formaldehyde indoors. At present, many decorative materials such as wood integrated walls that are popular in the market also contain a large amount of formaldehyde.
2. Auxiliary materials such as glue
As the saying goes, no glue, no aldehyde. Formaldehyde usually comes from glue. In addition, such as waterproof coating, adhesive, paint solvent, thinner, putty powder, etc., all contain formaldehyde.
For the sake of our health, we must try to choose environment-friendly low formaldehyde excipients.
3. Stone
Natural stone is radioactive, the most common is marble! Although stone is very popular as decoration, it has many advantages, such as beautiful style, high hardness and low price! But if you plan to use stone as decoration materials in a large area, be careful of the radioactivity of stone! The identification methods mainly include: observe the category A, B, C marked on the stone package, and whether there is a CMA identification mark! Or professional radioactive or harmful gas certificate!
In fact, it is not necessary to look at natural stone now. The technology of artificial stone has become mature, and the design and color are closer to the effect of natural stone. It is better to choose artificial stone to replace the existing natural stone!
These decoration materials have been releasing formaldehyde! Most people just don't know! A little carelessness will cause the formaldehyde in the home to exceed the standard. Once the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it is easy to cause formaldehyde poisoning! Very harmful!
Formaldehyde poisoning is no joke! Do you know the harm of excessive formaldehyde?
It is said that formaldehyde is harmful to human health and safety. What aspects will the impact be reflected in? The most comprehensive analysis is attached to the family through consulting materials.
Formaldehyde exceeding the standard will affect the respiratory system, nervous system, skin and other parts of the human body. The key is that formaldehyde can cause cancer.
1、 Inhalation of formaldehyde will directly affect the human respiratory system
Formaldehyde is relatively soluble in water in the last science popularization. Because the upper respiratory tract of the human body is relatively wet, most of the formaldehyde inhaled into the human body is absorbed in the upper respiratory tract, and a small part will enter the human lungs, causing lung discomfort.
Therefore, symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection may occur, such as sneezing, coughing, etc. This is also the first manifestation of human body's inhalation of formaldehyde. The most direct manifestation of long-term exposure to formaldehyde residue indoors is to cause rhinitis and asthma.
Health Standard for Formaldehyde in Indoor Air:
**The Hygienic Standard for Indoor Air Formaldehyde stipulates that the maximum concentration of indoor formaldehyde is 0.08mg/m.
2、 Formaldehyde can cause degeneration and necrosis of nervous system
According to research, formaldehyde can cause degeneration and necrosis of the nervous system. People who have been exposed to formaldehyde for a long time (such as anatomists) may have different degrees of headache, memory loss, decreased sensitivity, decreased coordination, sleep disorders and other symptoms.
This is also the reason why the dissecting room of the hospital focuses on the treatment of formaldehyde. The dissecting room of the hospital uses "formalin" to seal pathological test samples, which is the diluted solution of formaldehyde. Generally, the formaldehyde in the dissecting room exceeds the standard by nearly a thousand times.
3、 May cause skin lesions and allergic symptoms
According to research, direct skin contact with formaldehyde will lead to skin itching, mild rash and other allergic symptoms, especially for patients with dermatitis or eczema, it is easy to aggravate the disease in an environment with excessive formaldehyde concentration.
If you have moved to a new house or changed to a rented house, and the above three kinds of problems occur to you for no reason, please do not be careless. It may not be a cold, and there is no need to doubt whether you have COVID-19. It is very likely that the room formaldehyde exceeded the standard.
4、 Carcinogenic, carcinogenic, carcinogenic, it is important to say something three times
Formaldehyde has been listed as a carcinogen, no doubt. The specific cancer that will cause varies from person to person. In the face of new house decoration and renovation, remember not to be careless. Please make a series of preparations before entering. It is absolutely too late to "mend the wounds of the dead". Cancer rehabilitation needle is not affordable for everyone. Self safety and health are above everything. Don't be careless.
In addition, formaldehyde also has certain damage to the human immune system, circulatory and metabolic system, liver, etc. Pregnant women may also cause neonatal malformation in the environment where formaldehyde exceeds the standard for a long time. It can be said that the impact of formaldehyde on the human body is also diverse and ever-changing.
Here is a reminder that formaldehyde poisoning is really not a joke! If we are really thinking about the health of our children, we must pay attention to the formaldehyde at home! Do a good job in removing formaldehyde!


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