What are the background wall materials?

What are the background wall materials?
The background wall materials include wood, marble, stone, brick, diatom mud background wall, wallpaper as the background wall, plaster line as the modeling, artistic tiles, cloth, mirror assembly, etc.
The board is made of complete wood. These boards are solid and durable, with natural lines, and are the best choice for decoration. The cost of such boards is high. The boards are generally classified according to the actual name of the board, and there is no unified standard specification. Wooden boards are often used in home decoration. When purchasing wood boards, you must see their lines clearly. Generally, it is best not to have broken lines.
Marble is a metamorphic rock of carbonate rock. It originally refers to the white limestone with black patterns produced in Dali, Yunnan Province. The profile can form a natural ink landscape painting. In ancient times, marble with shaped patterns was often selected to make screen or mosaic paintings.
Stone is a kind of building decoration material, which is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration design, curtain wall decoration and public facilities construction as a high-grade building decoration material. The common stone materials on the market are mainly divided into natural stone and artificial stone. With the development of architectural design, stone has already become one of the important raw materials for building, decoration, road and bridge construction.
The brick background wall is called "cultural wall". This style is common in Chinese style or industrial style, which retains the original taste of the wall.
Diatom mud background wall
Diatomaceous mud is a new generation of interior decoration materials, mainly composed of diatomite, which is a biogenic siliceous sedimentary rock, mainly composed of the remains of ancient diatoms. Diatom mud is a new type of natural environmental protection paint, which is used to replace latex paint and wallpaper, and is suitable for interior wall decoration of villas, hotels, homes, apartments, hospitals, etc.
Paste wallpaper as background wall
Wallpaper, also known as wallpaper, is a kind of interior decoration material used for pasting walls, which is widely used in the interior decoration of residences, offices, hotels and hotels. The material is not limited to paper, but also includes other materials.
Plaster line modeling
Gypsum line is a building decoration material, mainly used for interior decoration. It can be practical and beautiful with various patterns. It has the functions of fire prevention, moisture-proof, heat preservation, sound insulation and heat insulation, and can play a luxurious decorative effect. Gypsum is an air tight cementing material. Gypsum relief decoration products must have a corresponding thickness to ensure the best affinity between its molecules. So as to ensure a certain service life and integrity and safety within the service life.
Artistic ceramic tile
Artistic tiles are decorative tiles used for indoor decoration space. With the latest printing technology and special production technology, you can print any favorite artwork onto ordinary tiles of different materials we see in daily life, making every conventional tile a piece of artwork.
Cloth is commonly used in decorative materials, including chemical fiber carpet, non-woven wall cloth, linen, nylon cloth, colored tape, flannel and other fabrics. A large number of fabrics are used for wall surface decoration, partition and background treatment, which can also form a good commercial space display style.
Conflicted mirror
Art glass combination mirror is a green, high-quality art glass product. It not only has good green environmental protection, visual beauty, but also has irreplaceable special properties such as heat insulation, sound insulation, and has strong decorative functions.


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