Don't worry about the floor material of the house decoration, 4 tricks to teach you to choose wood or tile

The material of the floor is a big project in the decoration of the house. Many people will be entangled in choosing environmentally friendly wood planks or clean tiles. Now the following three methods will teach you how to distinguish whether the floor or tiles are suitable for installation in your home?

1. Security

Compared with ceramic tiles, wooden boards are safer. If there are elderly people or children at home, it is better to use wooden boards. Even if there is an accidental bump, the damage coefficient is relatively small. And the wooden floor will feel more comfortable and give people a better texture.

2. Hue

The wood planks may give people a warm and comfortable feeling, but the tiles will give people a cold but unified atmosphere, the brightness is relatively high, and the overall feeling of the room is better.

3. Thermal conductivity

If the home is floor heating, in fact, the thermal conductivity of tiles is better than that of wooden boards. And it's also slightly better at retaining heat than wood. Moreover, the wooden floor, when Zhao and Zhao were heated, would create a gas, which would cause damage to human health after inhalation.

4. Maintenance

If the wood board needs regular maintenance, it needs to be waxed, etc., otherwise it will lose its gloss. It will cause certain damage to the floor, and it may scratch the wood if you are not careful. The tiles do not need regular maintenance, and they are more convenient to clean. When the tiles are replaced, a layer of tiles can be directly superimposed on them. The wooden floor needs to be removed and installed again.

Compared with the above four aspects, it can be used in combination, you can install wooden floors in the bedroom, and install tiles outside the usual living room.


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