Upgrade Your Fireplace Surround with Mini Bronze Hex Peel and Stick Metallic Mosaic Tiles

Upgrade your fireplace surround with our Mini Bronze Hex Peel and Stick Metallic Mosaic Tiles to create a striking and luxurious ambiance in your home. These unique tiles offer a blend of modern design and timeless elegance, making them the perfect choice for revamping your fireplace.


Mini Bronze Hex Peel and Stick Metallic Mosaic Tiles are a versatile and cost-effective solution for upgrading your fireplace surround. Here's why they are a popular choice among homeowners:



  • Durability: These tiles are made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability.

  • Easy Installation: The peel and stick feature allows for a hassle-free installation process, saving you time and effort.

  • Stylish Design: The mini hex shape and metallic finish of these tiles add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any fireplace surround.

  • Versatility: Mini Bronze Hex Peel and Stick Metallic Mosaic Tiles can complement any interior style, whether it's modern, traditional, or eclectic.

  • Affordability: Compared to other fireplace renovation options, these tiles provide a budget-friendly solution without compromising on quality.


Before you begin installing Mini Bronze Hex Peel and Stick Metallic Mosaic Tiles, it's essential to prepare your fireplace surround properly. Follow these steps:



  1. Clean the Surface: Remove any dirt, dust, or debris from the fireplace surround using a mild detergent and a soft cloth.

  2. Repair Any Damage: Fill in any cracks or holes in the surface with a suitable filler and allow it to dry completely.

  3. Sand the Surface: Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough areas and create an even surface for tile installation.

  4. Prime the Surface: Apply a primer to ensure better adhesion of the peel and stick tiles.


Follow these steps to install Mini Bronze Hex Peel and Stick Metallic Mosaic Tiles on your fireplace surround:



  1. Measure and Plan: Measure the dimensions of your fireplace surround and plan the layout of the tiles.

  2. Start from the Bottom: Begin installing the tiles from the bottom, peeling off the backing and applying them to the surface.

  3. Ensure Proper Alignment: Use a level to ensure the tiles are aligned correctly and adjust as needed.

  4. Trim the Tiles: When necessary, trim the tiles using a utility knife or scissors to fit the edges and corners.

  5. Continue Upward: Gradually work your way up, applying the tiles row by row until the entire fireplace surround is covered.

  6. Press and Smooth: Once all the tiles are in place, firmly press and smooth them to ensure proper adhesion.

  7. Finishing Touches: Use grout or caulk to fill in the gaps between the tiles for a polished look.


To keep your Mini Bronze Hex Peel and Stick Metallic Mosaic Tiles looking their best, follow these maintenance and care tips:



  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe the tiles regularly with a mild cleanser and a soft cloth to remove any dirt or stains.

  • Avoid Harsh Cleaners: Refrain from using abrasive or acidic cleaners that could damage the tiles' finish.

  • Protect Against Heat: While these tiles are heat-resistant, it's recommended to use a fireplace screen to protect them from direct contact with flames or excessive heat.

  • Prevent Water Damage: Ensure the tiles are properly sealed to prevent water damage or discoloration.

  • Address Spills Promptly: Clean up any spills immediately to prevent staining or damage to the tiles.


Transform your fireplace into a stunning focal point with Mini Bronze Hex Peel and Stick Metallic Mosaic Tiles. With their easy installation, durability, and stylish design, these tiles offer a cost-effective way to upgrade your fireplace surround. Follow our step-by-step guide and expert tips to achieve a luxurious and sophisticated look that will impress your guests for years to come.



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